Ripon College celebrates LGBTQ month

October is LGBT month and Ripon College is ready to celebrate. Bellow is a list of events for the month planned by SMAC and QSA.

October 1:“Diversity in the LGBT Community Poster Campaign” The month begins with a poster campaign featuring a diverse selection of LGBTQ historical and modern figures.

October 4: “Drag Bingo” 4 P.M. the Pub. Dress up and join QSA for a night of bingo and fun!

October 6: “Safe Zone Training” 5 P.M. Great Hall. Ripon’s Safe Zone program was created to develop, enhance, and maintain environments in workplaces, schools, and other social settings that are culturally competent and supportive to LGBTQ individuals as well as straight, cisgender people who care about diversity, equality, and inclusion.

October 9: “Queer People of Color Conference” Join us in attending UW-Madison’s first QPOC Conference.

October 10: “SMAC presents Jeffery Jay”  7 P.M. the Pub. Join us for a night of hilarity with transgender comedian Jeffery Jay.

October 11: “Coming Out Party” 6 P.M. Scott 4E. In honor of National Coming Out Day, let us celebrate on the new theme floor. Snacks and fun provided.

October 13: “Hidden Voices: The Lives of LGBT Muslims” 11:15 A.M. East Hall Little Theater. Faisal Alam is a queer Muslim activist of Pakistani descent who will be speaking on LGBT Muslim issues.

October 13: “Gay Marriage and Religious Freedom” 4 P.M. East Hall Little Theater. A panel discussion on the religious, moral, and political implications of the recent Supreme Court ruling. The focus will be on what the decision entails for both LGBT rights and the religious freedom of those who oppose it on moral or religious grounds.

October 13: “Asexuality 101” 5 P.M. PDR.  Come learn about the asexual spectrum in this introductory workshop.

October 27: “Ally Ceremony” 5P.M. PDR. If you are a supporter of the LGBT community, feel free to join us as we honor you as an ally.

October 28:  “Queer ASL Workshop” 4 P.M. MLK Lounge. Join us for a workshop hosted by Hayden Kristal, a def transgender drag queen. Learn some LGBT-related signs and come appreciate LGBT def culture.

October 30: “Rocky Horror Picture Show” 8 P.M. Great Hall. Sing, dance, say the lines and have some Halloween fun to end LGBT History Month!