Tips for surviving winter

By: Emily Janssen

Winter in Wisconsin is a long and frigid time where people hunker down and wait for that far distant day when spring will come again. Whether this is your first Wisconsin winter or you’ve lived here your entire life, you might find these tips helpful as you brave the cold.

  • Wear warm clothes

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sweaters and slippers and other warm articles of clothing are helpful in the winter. If you’re cold put on a sweater or an extra pair of socks, you’ll be surprised by how much it helps.

  • Hats, coats and mittens are everyone’s friends

Coats are probably obvious, but hats and mittens are equally important. A hat that covers your ears is an extremely good idea, especially if you have a lot of classes in Rodman or Storzer. Mittens and gloves are good for keeping your fingers nimble whether you have five minutes before you have to begin to furiously take notes or if you want to take the world’s most amazing snow picture.

  • Starbucks

Winter is the season for appreciating the fact that there is a Starbucks on campus. Stop by before your morning classes to get coffee or hot chocolate or whatever else strikes your fancy to savor. Plus you can get all kinds of muffins and donuts as well.

  • ‘Tis the season for loads of blankets

Blankets are a wonderful and comfortable way to keep warm. Keep a couple fuzzy throw blankets in your dorm to cuddle in while you do homework.

  • Go outside and come back in

This one is less a tip for staying warm and more of a trick for your brain. If you’re cold and don’t have any more sweaters or blankets (or simply don’t want to put any more of them on), put on your coat and go outside for a while. When you come back inside, your dorm will seem warmer by comparison.

  • Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is a wonderful treat for a cold evening. Plus, it is easy to make in a microwave! If you’re in the mood for a warm drink and don’t want to venture out into the cold to go to Starbucks, you can always whip something like this up in your dorm.

  • Decorate

Decorate your dorm room for the holidays or just for winter itself. This might not seem like it would actually help, but it does. The decorations distract you from the dreary cold and give you something special to enjoy. Don’t have the money to buy decorations? No problem. Experiment; you’d be surprised how many cute decorations can be made out of the things you have laying around your room.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful to you and help your through the upcoming winter. Enjoy the rest of your semester and don’t freeze!