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Students Temporarily allowed to send mass emails

By John Pikula

During the evening of Sept. 30, students who were in the process of sending emails noticed that they could send out a mass email to the entire Ripon College campus. Normally, students are not capable of sending an email to everyone because there is a block on the ability to do so. Many students took this opportunity to send emails to tell people to have a great rest of their day, get adds on Snapchat, talk about improvements they would like the college to make and many others.

This event came as a surprise as something like this has not happened before. The event occurred as a result of the google email system updating without a message saying it was going to update. As a result of this, it deleted the block on the students being able to send a mass email to the student body. When the emails were being sent out by the students throughout the afternoon, the mistake was noticed and the block was put back on.

One Ripon College student, Mandalay Monsanto, a junior, took the opportunity to send an email to the student body. “I thought it was great because it’s one of the only times our student body has come together to participate in something that wasn’t political or made people pick sides” Monsanto said. “Everyone enjoyed the moment while it lasted.”  She hopes that this accidental event will spark different activities that the whole student body will get involved in.

Zakk Frieders,a sophomore, participated in the mass email event. “I found it very amusing at first” Frieders said. “Then I realized that a lot of people are going to see these messages, if I mentioned something that I feel should change at the college, there could be discussions that come of it”. He did this without any thought, as “it was fun to be a part of the student body’s unplanned discussion”. This event did not have any repercussions towards the students that participated in it.