Covid-19 Results Come Back

Covid-19 Results Come Back

Few Students Positive for COVID-19 in Campus-wide Test

By Hailey Makuski


Every student living on campus was tested for Covid-19 Monday, Oct. 19. The test results came in throughout Wednesday, Oct. 21st. As of 5:00 PM Wednesday afternoon, approximately 700 tests had been received, only 10 of those tests were positive. 


 The college has initiated contact tracing with those 10 positive cases so everyone whom the college deemed necessary will be put into quarantine. “I was worried we were going to get sent home,” Emma Sagartz, Sophomore, said late Wednesday afternoon. 


While students may not get sent home, they are not completely in the clear. 


“In the coming days, we will continue to evaluate the health situation on campus and in Fond du Lac County and surrounding areas to determine if additional measures need to be taken,” President Zach Messitte said in an email to the campus. 


Although there were only 10 cases, this does not mean that students and faculty can go back to a normal daily routine. Masks and social distancing rules will still be in place. Campus leaders also strongly encouraged that students stay on campus and do not leave to go home unless they have work or a family emergency. 


As Messitte explained in his email, “We must all double down on our pledge to remain vigilant in our social distancing, masking, and respect for the health of our classmates and co-workers as we move forward.” 


College administrators conduct COVID-19 tests in Great Hall