Campus-Wide Power Outage

Campus-Wide Power Outage

Power goes out across campus and within the city of Ripon

By Deana Johnson


The power went out on the Ripon College campus today (Friday, Feb. 5) at about 9:50 am. Students were being locked out of their buildings as the card scanning system was out, without wifi, without basic electricity, and without heat. 


This semester, with some classes being hybrid or fully online due to COVID-19, the internet is an essential aspect of learning. With the power out, students were unable to have access to wifi, which enables them to attend Zoom classes and work on digital homework assignments. 


Students were also without heat as the heaters began shutting off throughout campus, while the weather was at a high of 8 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, with a much lower wind chill.


Staff sent a text message to students at 10 a.m. that said, “Power is out on much of campus and other places in the City of Ripon. Alliant Energy is aware of the issue and working to rectify it as quickly as possible.” 


Power was restored around 10:30 am in most areas on campus, with wifi connectivity coming back up around 10:40 am. 

Further updates will be released as the College Days finds out more.