Overload Fee Policy

Overload Fee Policy

Ripon College activates new policy, without warning to students

By Deana Johnson


Last week, March 31, Ripon College Associate Dean of Faculty and Registrar Michelle Wittler sent an email announcing plans to be fully in-person during the fall 2021 semester, registering for classes, and in small font in the middle explained the change of policy. 


In past years, Ripon had no penalty for students who wanted to overload on credits whether it was because they wanted to graduate early, they needed to get extra credits to graduate on time, or simply because they wanted to. However, in the email, it stated that if students have more than20 credits in one academic semester, they will have to pay $1,400 per credit that exceeds the 20 credit limit. 


This change in policy occurred without any previous warning to students and throws a wrench in the plans of students planning to graduate early, as they now look at paying thousands of dollars extra to do so. Students have a variety of reasons why they may look to graduate early such as financial situations, trying to fast-track graduate school, or simply because they want to leave Ripon College. Without warning to students, students who were planning to do so are now put in a predicament of deciphering what their next steps will be and how they want to proceed. 


“Tuition is charged for courses in which the student is registered after the no-asterisk add/drop date, regardless of the final grade. Failure to successfully complete and earn credit for all registered courses will not cancel or modify any overload fees that have been assessed.” Wittler said in the email.


An exception to this new policy is music lessons, music ensembles, and theatre productions, however, further exceptions can be discussed with the Office of the Dean of Faculty.


For any questions or concerns with this new policy students are encouraged to email Michelle Wittler, Associate of Dean of Faculty/Registrar.