Senior Survival Thanks to Furry Friends

Senior Survival Thanks to Furry Friends

Ripon College students are back on campus and so are their beloved furry friends!

By Madelyn Kohn


What’s better than hanging out with man’s best friend? “Studies have shown that animals, especially cute ones boost your happiness and bring endorphins and stop the pain,” said senior Cassie Behreandt, who owns a dog named Leah Huser. 


One of Leah Huser’s best furry friends is named Morty, the dog of senior Drake Burton and his fiance, senior Skylar Kotlarz. Morty is argued to be the up-and-coming mascot of the college, according to seniors on campus, and is currently looking into a modeling career. 


The other furry friends on campus are typically known to be the dog’s worst enemy. For instance, junior Liz Standfield has a cat named Max. 


“I have an orange persian cat,” she said. “It’s nice to be able to get away to a quiet room but not be completely alone. Max is great company!” 


Whether someone is Team Morty or Team Max, it seems that everyone loves these furry friends. The animals make students smile even when they are having a tiresome day in class. 


With the mid-semester grades coming up, everyone needs a furry friend to make them smile!