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Scott Stazzante “Common Ground” review

By: Hannah Tetzlaff  On the night of Sept. 11, Scott Strazzante ’86, gave an artist talk on his photographic exhibit, Common Ground, which will be at Caestecker Gallery until Oct. […]

Get to know your campus: Professor Schatzinger

By: Ben Valdez  Professor Schatzinger is an associate professor of politics and government at Ripon College. He was born and raised in Germany and, ironically, specializes in American politics. Schatzinger’s […]

The Trump files part one: why we should listen

By: Rose Hogmire  For most Americans, Donald Trump’s run for the Republican nomination and presidency has been met with an annoyance and fascination similar to a car crash disrupting your […]

Get to know your campus: Yessra Sankari

By: Rachel Grutza  Understanding the Syrian Civil War requires one to look back to the 1920s (and even further, to be honest), when its borders with Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, […]

The Curriculum overhaul: ominous cloud or shining hope?

By: Connor Cummiskey Over the last couple semesters, Ripon College has been going through some dramatic changes. The curriculum, the classes the college offers, is in the midst of review […]

The 411 on 314

photo courtesy of Ric Damm By: Lauren Hince  Picture a trendy downtown space, filled from floor to ceiling with college kids decked out in their most authentic hipster garb, sipping their […]

Presidential races resume as classes begin

By: Connor Cummiskey As students return to Ripon and classes begin, it is important to remember the elections are also just heating up. The following is a quick overview of […]

Dating Someone from Home

By: Rachel Grutza When I came to Ripon College two years ago, I had just started dating a man named Cole. Our relationship lasted from the summer of 2013 until […]

‘Life Well Lived’

By:Lauren Hince At Ripon, we are “More. Together.” Or, at least that’s what our banners read. This weirdly punctuated saying has been the unofficial motto of Ripon College for ten […]

It’s Time For Change

When students arrive back on August 23rd they will be greeted by a whole new Ripon. This new Ripon is all about change. From the new poster board outside the […]


WRPN-Radio goes digital

Ripon College’s radio station WRPN-FM went off the air for the last time at 5 pm on September 15. Though the FM license was cancelled, WRPN members look to the […]


Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air but more importantly, Springfest is fast approaching. Get ready and mark your calendars for May 2 because Springfest 2015 is predicted to be the best […]