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Meet Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson

Get to know Julie Johnson, Ripon’s first female athletic director By Stefani Zeiger Athletic Director Julie Johnson had to persevere through hard times to become a strong leader. Her childhood home, a farm, blew up with both her parents inside; luckily, they both survived. It was this major life event that caused her family’s move […]

A place for everyone

Willmore Center

By: Katelyn Van Swol At the end of last year, the new fitness center in the Wilmore Center athletic facility (formerly known as Storzer) officially opened and other areas are following quickly . At the same time the Bovay fitness center was closed down, leading to a new setup where all athletes and non-athletes now […]

Ripon aims to continue food...

By: Brendan McCoy The natural instinct of athletes, especially at Ripon College, is to be competitive. This has proven to be true even in activities off the court or field. Ripon College is in the process of collecting cans for the college annual canned food drive. Although this collection has taken place for many years, […]