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BSU on the black vote

By: Rose Hogmire  African-American voter turnout reached an all-time high of 66 percent in the 2012 presidential elections, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Although this number reflects substantial participation from a group historically hindered from contributing to the election process, Americans will have to wait to see if the trend continues in the presidential […]

Odd Man Out

By: Lauren Hince  In 1935, Turner Jones ‘39, was an early  African-American to attend Ripon College. Jones, from Louisville, Kentucky, attended Ripon to receive a northerner education. After a at Ripon Jones transferred out because he wished to attend a place where he “wasn’t the odd man out.” “In 2016, I do think being the […]

Ripon College Poor People’s

By: Connor Cummiskey  Students were given an opportunity to learn about poverty and Martin Luther King Jr.’s position on economic inequality last month during the Poor People’s Rally. The rally educated students on the impacts of poverty, MLK’s involvement in the poor people’s campaign in the ’60s and participated in a reality check. “The rally […]