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New curriculum means new fo...

By: Rose Hogmire This fall, Ripon College faculty are rolling out an innovative and comprehensive new curriculum for incoming students called Catalyst, which will help students build skills necessary for personal, academic, and career development. “The students have two classes their first year and two classes their second year,” says senior and student representative for […]

Disability Awareness Month

By Rose Hogmire The disability awareness campaign of Ripon College’s Public Sociology and Activism class has set a precedent on campus with their goals for the future. Through the campaign, students will  host events, establish a new student group, and administer surveys to students to create awareness of disabilities which can impact students both mentally […]

Impact of UW cuts affects R...

Impact of UW cuts affects Ripon College

By: Rose Hogmire  “At what point do we say ‘ouch’?” This was the question posed by University of Wisconsin Regent Jose F. Vasquez this summer before voting on a $6 billion budget incorporated millions of dollars in cuts from the Legislature. As administrators, faculty and students at UW System campuses across the state prepare for […]