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Speaking With Both Lips, Wh...

By: Connor Cummiskey The Ripon College Feminists made waves recently by posting large, brightly colored drawings of vulvas in residence halls to advertise their One Big Sexy Blowout event. The controversial posters sparked a discussion of free speech on campus after the feminists were told to remove them by residential life staff. For two weeks […]

Residence Life’s take on th

By: Jessica Joanis  Residence Halls are designed to be spaces for communal living, students have that as their home while they are here. As a department on campus charged with managing those spaces, we enforce policies that Ripon College has created that concerns those spaces. In every attempt the Residence Life staff tries to be […]

The Illiberalism of Speech ...

By: Steve Martin, PhD in Communication  Many colleges and universities restrict students’ free speech in a wide range of ways. At the same time, those very same colleges and universities openly promise to be bastions of free speech and free inquiry. Many colleges and universities clearly affirm the goals of the institution to support the […]