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Short Story: I Love Tom

By: Emily Janssen I was six years old and playing in a sandbox. The sun beat down on my back, and the dry sand slid between my fingers as I […]

Communication between Trustees and students evolving

By: Connor Cummiskey On Feb. 6, the Board of Trustees passed a resolution to Ripon College By-Laws that discontinued student membership on various committees, according to a copy of the […]

Women’s History Month Calendar of Events

The theme for Women’s History Month is, how did we get here and where are we going. March 1– RC Feminist sponsored table in the Pub (no specific time) Topic: […]

BSU on the black vote

By: Rose Hogmire  African-American voter turnout reached an all-time high of 66 percent in the 2012 presidential elections, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Although this number reflects substantial participation […]

Flash to the Past

By: Hannah Tetzlaff  Happy Birthday to you, Ripon College! On Tuesday, Feb. 9, Ripon College celebrated the 165th anniversary since its founding on Jan. 29, 1851 by David Mapes and […]

Odd Man Out

By: Lauren Hince  In 1935, Turner Jones ‘39, was an early  African-American to attend Ripon College. Jones, from Louisville, Kentucky, attended Ripon to receive a northerner education. After a at […]

Ripon College Poor People’s Rally

By: Connor Cummiskey  Students were given an opportunity to learn about poverty and Martin Luther King Jr.’s position on economic inequality last month during the Poor People’s Rally. The rally […]

Is Princess Leia a Disney princess? And other thoughts about the changes Disney made to Star Wars

By: Emily Janseen It has now been over three years since George Lucas sold his company, Lucasfilm, to Disney and we stand on the precipice of the first Star Wars […]

Workforce Spirituality and Valor

By: Christian Ryan A new group is forming on campus. Small but dedicated, it is a group of young men with deep beliefs, and a will to strengthen and spread […]

Speaking With Both Lips, What Vulvas Have to do with Free Speech

By: Connor Cummiskey The Ripon College Feminists made waves recently by posting large, brightly colored drawings of vulvas in residence halls to advertise their One Big Sexy Blowout event. The […]

RallyNet: Ripon College enters the 21st century

by: Lauren Hince This year Ripon College’s ITS department has made steps towards the new digital age. Since April of 2014, Ripon College has been planning and implementing a secure […]

Intramural Magic

By: Jordan Grunawalt Hold on to your wizarding hats, and grab your broomsticks because a Quidditch team is coming to campus next semester. Muggle Quidditch is similar to the fictional […]