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Overload Fee Policy

Overload Fee Policy Ripon College activates new policy, without warning to students By Deana Johnson   Last week, March 31, Ripon College Associate Dean of Faculty and Registrar Michelle Wittler […]

Reality Check on the American Dream

Reality Check on the American Dream How Covid has affected International Students By Hanan Majid   The term “American Dream” usually referred to the idea of attaining success in the […]

What’s New with BSU?

What’s New with BSU? Ripon’s Black Student Union makes impacts even in times of COVID-19 By Angele Bridges   Ripon’s Black Student Union has found ways of continuing the campus’s […]

Referees At Ripon College

Referees At Ripon College Ripon College Students encourage more students to become officials By Madelyn Kohn   “When I was umpiring every weekend, it was hard to fill the schedule. […]

Striking Out COVID-19

Striking Out COVID-19 Baseball and softball seasons has begun in spite of COVID-19 By Madelyn Kohn   Amid the pandemonium brought about by COVID-19, the Ripon College baseball and softball […]

Successful Study Habits

Successful Study Habits How to be successful this academic semester during the pandemic By Madelyn Kohn   Last semester, 315 people earned a spot on the Dean’s List at Ripon […]

Basketball games will be played during Covid-19 season

Basketball games will be played during Covid-19 season Limited games scheduled for Ripon College men’s basketball team By Owen Greene   In early January, the Ripon College men’s basketball team […]

Flooding in Scott

Radiator Pipe Bursts The radiator pipe burst in Scott, leaving the hallway, stairwell, and student dorms flooded. By Deana Johnson   A radiator burst Sunday, Feb. 14 at around 11 […]

Inspiring Athletes

Inspiring Athletes Ripon College Athletes Inspiring News: Ripon College Athletes Coach at Local High School By Madelyn Kohn   Ripon College’s Trevor Flease, Austin Bunders, Eric Doll, Jake Kaczorowski, and […]

Campus-Wide Power Outage

Campus-Wide Power Outage Power goes out across campus and within the city of Ripon By Deana Johnson   The power went out on the Ripon College campus today (Friday, Feb. […]

How to Improve Your Mental Health

How to Improve Your Mental Health Tips from Ripon’s psychology department staff By Deana Johnson   During this global pandemic, mental health has been an increasing problem throughout the nation, […]

Covid-19 Results Come Back

Covid-19 Results Come Back Few Students Positive for COVID-19 in Campus-wide Test By Hailey Makuski   Every student living on campus was tested for Covid-19 Monday, Oct. 19. The test […]